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Generative AI Transformation Blueprint


Generative AI Transformation Blueprint Book

This practical and concise guide provides senior decision-makers with a clear, accessible roadmap for harnessing the power of generative AI, enhancing innovation, and boosting business outcomes. Drawing on insights from AI-enabled business transformations in diverse sectors, it presents a validated strategic approach. This blueprint not only outlines best practices but also showcases pioneering use cases, integrating them into a cohesive framework for practical implementation. This scenario-based approach helps leaders understand where and how to apply the practices outlined.

Spanning across areas from strategic alignment and talent development to ethical governance and sustaining a competitive edge amid relentless underlying progress, it delivers clarity for charting an optimal Generative AI roadmap.

This book is designed for busy executives and can be read in less than two hours. For a more in-depth exploration of Generative AI for business, check out our book "Introduction to Large Language Models for Business Leaders: Responsible AI Strategy Beyond Fear and Hype."

Who this Book is For

The core audience comprises senior executives like CEOs, Transformation advisors, strategic planners, technology heads, product leaders or functional unit heads keen on harnessing generative AI for a competitive edge but needing authoritative counsel consolidating recent lessons into a crisp actionable package to aid planning.

Key Topics Covered

  • Understanding Generative AI: What it is, key capabilities and applications, strengths and limitations.
  • Strategic Alignment: Mapping generative AI to business goals, prioritizing high-impact use cases, managing risks.
  • Talent and Skills: Developing in-house capabilities through upskilling programs, attracting and retaining external AI talent.
  • Technology Integration: Assessing IT infrastructure readiness, optimizing make vs buy decisions for AI solutions.
  • Implementation and Scaling: Pilot testing for viability, expanding validated applications through metrics-driven scaling.
  • Risk Management and Ethics: Governing biases and reliability issues, safeguarding data privacy and security.
  • Organizational Change: Securing leadership commitment, preparing the workforce to adopt new AI-powered processes.
  • Continuous Improvement: Quantifying value through KPIs, optimizing models through responsive feedback loops.
  • Future-Proofing: Investing in R&D for sustained innovation, building agility to adapt to rapid AI progress.

Featuring use studies, business scenarios, practical frameworks, and research insights from top consultancies and AI leaders, this book delivers a visionary yet pragmatic roadmap for AI transformation. A must-read guide for any organization looking to leverage generative AI for competitive advantage.

About the Author: Inês Almeida
Inês Almeida

Inês Almeida

Inês Almeida is the Chief Transformation Officer at Now Next Later AI. With a wealth of experience spanning over 26 years, Inês held senior positions at companies such as Thoughtworks, Salesforce, and Publicis Sapient, where she advised hundreds of executive customers on digital- and technology-enabled Business Strategy and Transformation.

She is the bestselling, award-winning author of several books including the AI guides: "Introduction to LLMs for Business Leaders: Responsible AI Strategy Beyond Fear and Hype," and "Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals for Business Leaders: Up to Date With Generative AI."

She is a regular speaker at industry events such as Gartner Symposium, SXSW, and ADAPT. Inês serves as an AI advisory member in the Adelaide Institute of Higher Education Course Advisory Committee.

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