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Responsible AI in the Age of Generative Models: AI Governance, Ethics and Risk Management


Responsible AI in the Age of Generative Models: Governance, Ethics and Risk Management
A comprehensive guide to navigating the complex landscape of ethical AI development and deployment. As Generative AI systems become increasingly powerful and ubiquitous, it is crucial to develop governance frameworks that mitigate potential risks while harnessing the technology's transformative potential. This book presents a rights-based approach, grounded in established human rights frameworks, to align AI systems with societal values and expectations.

Divided into ten parts, the book covers a wide range of topics essential for responsible AI governance:

  1. Maps generative AI risks to specific human rights.
  2. Presents a framework for institutionalizing rights-respecting AI practices throughout the development lifecycle.
  3. Delves into responsible data governance practices.
  4. Examines participatory approaches to data stewardship.
  5. Explores the roles and responsibilities of different organizational functions in operationalizing responsible AI, emphasizing the need for cross-functional collaboration.
  6. Focuses on transparency and algorithmic auditing.
  7. Provides guidance on implementing effective multi-layered governance across the AI system lifecycle.
  8. Introduces maturity models for assessing an organization's responsible AI capabilities.
  9. Features an in-depth case study of Anthropic's innovative Constitutional AI approach.
  10. Analyzes emerging regulatory frameworks such as the EU AI Act and discusses the implications for businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions.

"Responsible AI in the Age of Generative Models" equips readers with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to unlock the transformative potential of generative models while safeguarding human rights and promoting social justice. It is an essential resource for business leaders, policymakers, researchers, and anyone concerned about the future of AI governance.

By embracing responsible AI as an imperative, we can work together to build a world where AI empowers and uplifts us all. This book is an invitation to engage in that critical conversation and take action towards a more equitable future.

About the Author: Inês De Castro Almeida
Inês Almeida

Inês Almeida

Inês is the Chief Transformation Officer at Now Next Later AI, an AI advisory, training, and publishing business supporting organizations with their AI strategy, transformation, and governance. She is a strong proponent of human-centered, rights-respecting, responsible AI development and adoption. Ignoring both hype and fear, she provides a balanced perspective grounded in scientific research, validated business outcomes and ethics.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 26 years, Inês held senior positions at companies such as Thoughtworks, Salesforce, and Publicis Sapient, where she advised hundreds of executive customers on digital- and technology-enabled Business Strategy and Transformation. Inês serves as an AI advisory member in the Adelaide Institute of Higher Education Course Advisory Committee.

Inês is the author of several books, including three AI guides with a clear aim to provide an independent, balanced and responsible perspective on Generative AI business adoption. She is a regular speaker at industry events such as Gartner Symposium, SXSW, and ADAPT. Her latest books show her extensive knowledge and insights, displaying her unique perspective and invaluable contributions to the field.

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